Original watercolour house portraits


carrick shore

I came through waves of drizzle and momentary dry spots on my way here. Rain forecast all day. On arrival the rain got heavier and I took cover in the car trying to figure out how I could work in these conditions. A moderate breeze liable to carry off my umbrella didn’t help! I decided to give it a go and got set up and underway, umbrella propped up between my knees. I cannot begin to describe the thrill of creating this work which is forcing me to paint boldly and look and look again. As I embarked on the final of my three studies the island began to disappear before my eyes which focused the mind in one last rapid and free­ moment. A wonderful day.

‘On Carrick Shore’ An exhibition of paintings through the days and seasons by Peter Jones – High St Gallery, Kirkcudbright, Saturday 16th June – Saturday 7th July 2018



I’ve often found that the best way of reaching an audience is to simply go out and paint. The most unlikely conversations occur, chance meetings that would never have happened had I not been sitting there paintbox, brush and paper in hand. So there I was one Saturday afternoon halfway through this painting when a woman came over, looked over my shoulder and promptly asked me if I took commissions. Yes, where do you live, I said. Pointing at the painting she said, right there! And then unbelievably it was sold, even before it had been finished. The woman later told me that she had been looking for something like this for ages as she was about to move after many years in the area. The painting had found it’s home.


painting on the spot

It is a huge pleasure painting on the spot. On a day like this, with good, strong sunlight to create shadows and rich colour, warmth, plenty of time and an interesting subject, I could hardly be more content. I cycled across Edinburgh for this one and spent a fulfilling few hours observing and recording. Some kids came to watch. I chatted with a neighbour. It is a rich experience.


art materials

The paintbox belonged to my grandfather who first taught me how to paint in watercolour. It seems to be indestructible and has travelled the world. The pen is a waterproof uni-ball, it has a good inkflow and produces crisp, sharp lines. I bought the chinese calligraphy brush down a side street in Harbin, China. It produces wonderful washes and goes to a fine point for detail. The dual water container is compact and great for lightweight sketching. It too came from my grandfather and is actually meant to hold two rolls of 35mm film.


on Carrick shore

Carrick has to be one of my favourite places on earth. It has everything. Great swimming, an island you can walk to at low tide, rocks to climb on, places to build fires, great walks, what more could you need? I’ve been going there with my family since I was tiny and now I take my own family there. It is also a fantastic location for sketching and painting all year round.